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CrISIS Network

We provide training and development for people and organisations which helps them to support themselves and each other following stressful, overwhelming or traumatic experiences.

We also help organisations to manage psychological recovery operations in the aftermath of Critical Incidents, such as the London attacks of 2017 and the Grenfell Tower Disaster, for which we were awarded Commendations from the Operational Command Unit of the London Metropolitan Police.

Unlike most most mental health training organisations, we have ongoing and real-world experience of conducting psychological recovery operations following major critical incidents – experience like that is very hard to find, and we want to share it with you.


Critical Incident Stress Intervention & Support (CrISIS) is a psychosocial, systematic and integrative system for supporting those who have been adversely affected or overwhelmed following a stressful or traumatic experience. An evidence-informed and evolutionary system of psychological first aid, CrISIS represents a new approach, which considers the subjective reactions of individuals above the nature of the actual incident experienced.

The truly person-centred approach of CrISIS enables the provision of support across a broad spectrum of critical experience and thus provides a functional system which is applicable in many sectors and environments.

Confidence in CrISIS


98.4 % of CrISIS workshop delegates said they now felt very confident supporting someone following a traumatic incident

CrISIS workshops are available in house or online!

With ongoing safeguarding restricitons regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, we’ve adapted our Workshops for delivery Live online

Take advantage of our expertise and experience by choosing CrISIS to support your people during this difficult time!

Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was so beneficial for both my personal and professional growth. It helped me process my issues and know what to expect and how to handle people in crisis.


Patrick Matta

Information Security Officer, Middle East Airlines

I can’t but say zillions of thank you’s for every single piece of information you provided! On a personal level you helped me a lot.



Rima Dahdah

Learning & Development officer, LibanPost

Everything was just well done and well organized – enough materials and enough activities. Kudos!



Rima Makhoul

Executive & Leadership Coach, Noble Manhattan


News & Resources

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Trauma Informed Business Continuity

How business continuity concepts transpose into the realm of mental health can be problematic for many organisations and their leaders.



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